The VTCA was founded in 1976 when a group of local train collectors came together to form the club. The first meeting was held at the Holiday Inn located at 3200 West Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia on October 8, 1976 with 25 people in attendance. Each attendee donated $2.00 to help defray expenses. Four officers were elected at that meeting including Rich Eggleston, President; Don Johnson, Vice President; Tommy Farmer, Secretary; and Jack Hughson, Treasurer.

A by-laws committee consisting of Bill Pettit, Robert Wood and John Gilmer was appointed to prepare by-laws for the club and to report back at the next meeting.

The second meeting was held at the same Holiday Inn on Thursday, November 4, 1976. Seventeen additional people attended making a total of 42 to date. The By-laws were adopted which included the name “Virginia Train Collectors” The name having been suggested by Bill Pettit. Four additional directors were elected and included Wayne Aldridge, John Gilmer, Ed Mankin and Bill Pettit. It was also decided at that meeting that those that joined at the first two meetings would be charter members of the club.

Forty-Eight years later and counting the Virginia Train Collectors are going strong with almost 300 active members. While the majority of our members reside in Virginia, we also have members who live in many other states. The Club remains true to its original cause which is to Promote the Hobby of Collecting and Preserving Toy Trains.

In 2018, the club became the Virginia Train Collector’s Association (VTCA) with 501c3 status.

Looking Back at the Beginning